The 808 Alameda de las Pulgas development is designed to benefit residents, neighbors and the overall community, as well as support San Carlos housing and climate goals. Key elements of this are the preservation of open space, use of advanced green building techniques, and creation and ongoing management of new community spaces, amenities and connections.


Community Benefits 

The new neighborhood is designed to be open and easily accessible to the broader community with a focus on safety and security of both the built and natural environments.


Improvements to the site include new paths, viewpoints and gathering places throughout, as well as a community hub with bike and car parking at the entrance along Alameda de las Pulgas, available to all San Carlans.


To increase accessibility and safety, a new bus shelter and a crosswalk with a flashing beacon system are planned on Alameda de las Pulgas, in addition to new bike lane connections at San Carlos Avenue.

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High-Performance Building Design 


The sustainable design approach directly supports many elements of the City of San Carlos Climate Action Plan. This includes advanced building technology and materials, as well as low-impact construction practices. Traffic, noise and duration of construction will be minimized through use of innovative building techniques.

Green Building

In this all-electric development, each townhouse will have a green roof with solar panels and will be EV-ready. The prefab steel-frame buildings increase resilience to fire, earthquakes and pests, and come with an embedded autonomous home system to maximize efficiency and health. The majority of the building components will be built off-site and then assembled on-site, reducing waste, traffic and construction-related disruptions. Landscaping will use native and drought tolerant plants.

Trees & Open Space

The design retains a significant amount of trees and open space as key elements of the overall community, while balancing fire safety concerns and other code requirements. To accommodate construction and to address trees that are either in poor health, have a significant structural defect or pose other hazards (e.g., fire, falling branches), approximately 2/3 of the existing trees will be removed. A significant number of new trees and other landscaping such as bio-swales and planted drainage channels that mimic dry creek beds will be added to enhance the site. As possible, removed trees will be utilized as elements of the landscaping. Note that the new neighborhood layout generally follows the pre-existing road and building locations to minimize impact.

Mobility & Transit

To encourage alternate modes of transit, promote recreation and increase accessibility overall, a series of interconnections and accommodations are included in the design. This includes a new bus shelter, a crosswalk, public bike & car parking near the community hub at the property entrance on Alameda de las Pulgas. The property will have a network of trails and viewpoints for residents and guests, as well as community gathering spaces at the hub.

Water Efficiency

Water management measures to reduce demand and runoff and to recharge the local water table include green roofs, pervious paving, bioretention planting and smart development clustering, in addition to water-efficient building systems, appliances and fixtures. The natural spring water will continue to flow at a rate of approximatley 5 gallons per minute into landscape features with any remaining water discharging into the storm drain system, as it does currently.

Healthy Materials

The development will utilize healthy materials for the buildings and landscaping for the benefit of future occupants and the surrounding community. Sustainable building certifications now include material selections guidance and criteria, as do Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), to inform the process.

Fire Safety

The development is built to the latest fire safety codes and will reduce the available fuel sources for wildfires. The buildings have steel framing, fire resistant exterior and interior materials, advanced sprinkler systems, and fire-safe landscaping. The water system will be upgraded to provide a significantly higher pressure and number of fire hyrdants than currently exist. The project includes an emergency access road connecting to Coronado Avenue, which will be accessible in the event of a wildfire or other significant emergency.

808 Alameda de las Pulgas Area Details 

The new neighborhood project is located on 11.4 acres off of Alameda de las Pulgas between San Carlos and Brittan Avenues. The location is unique, with expansive views and open space, as well as multiple parks, schools, downtown San Carlos and Caltrain within 1.25 miles and generally accessible by foot, bike and public transit. 

The property is bordered to the south by an open space lot and residential land uses, to the west by residential land uses, to the north by an undeveloped 12-acre property and residential land uses, and to the east by Alameda de Las Pulgas and schools, religious institutions and residences.


The land is zoned for six homes per acre (RS-6) and is within a Hillside Overlay District.

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