The 808 Alameda development is designed to benefit residents, neighbors and the overall community, as well as support San Carlos housing and climate goals. Key elements of this are the preservation of open space, use of advanced green building techniques, and creation and ongoing management of new community spaces, amenities and connections.


Community Benefits 

The new neighborhood is designed to be open and easily accessible to the broader community with a focus on safety and security of both the built and natural environments.


Improvements to the site include new paths, viewpoints and gathering places throughout, as well as a community hub with bike and car parking at the entrance along Alameda de las Pulgas, available to all San Carlans.


To increase accessibility and safety, a new bus shelter and a crosswalk with a flashing beacon system are planned on Alameda de las Pulgas, in addition to new bike lane connections at San Carlos Avenue.

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Designed to be a Sustainability Showcase 


The sustainable design approach directly supports many elements of the City of San Carlos Climate Action Plan. This includes advanced building technology and materials, as well as low-impact construction practices. Traffic, noise and duration of construction will be minimized through use of innovative building techniques.

808 Alameda Area Details 

The 808 Alameda property is 11.427-acres located just off of Alameda de las Pulgas in the Beverly Terrace neighborhood. The location is unique, with expansive views and open space, as well as multiple parks, schools, downtown San Carlos and Caltrain within 1.25 miles and accessible by foot, bike, public transit or ride sharing services. 

The property is bordered to the south by an open space lot and residential land uses, to the west by residential land uses, to the north by an undeveloped 12-acre property (aka Vista del Grande) and residential land uses, and to the east by Alameda de Las Pulgas. The land is zoned for six homes per acre (RS-6) and is within a Hillside Overlay District. 

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