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808 Alameda Townhomes

Housing for the Community

The planned development of 11.4+ acres at 808 Alameda de las Pulgas in San Carlos is designed to activate this special location, previously the site of Black Mountain Spring Water Co., with a new neighborhood of 87 townhomes on the hillside, adding vitality to the broader community.

The high-performance homes will offer residents comfortable spaces to live, work and play, while providing community benefits for all San Carlans.

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Site Area

11.4 acres
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Total Units

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Bike Parking

18+ private
18 public
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Car Parking

174 private
32+ guest
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Pervious Space

& Natural State

5+ acres &
1.5 acres

Creating Neighborhood Vitality

808 Alameda del las Pulgas is a unique location that supports the design of a dynamic new neighborhood for the benefit of residents and the broader community.

The design reserves half of the space for trees, trails and landscape features. It offers opportunities for recreation and relaxation, and promotes walking, biking and use of public transit to access the many local services and amenities located within a mile.


To complement the existing landscape contours, the 87 townhouses are organized into small groups of buildings dispersed across the property. This approach helps to create an intimate neighborhood dynamic, organized around open spaces and amenities.

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